Given California is one of   the most desirable places on this planet and Carmel-by-the Sea is the destination for Internationals, an unusual residence has been created to serve the wants and needs of that particular client.

Built on the top of Gentry Hill and facing North, The entire Monterey Bay is yours. On a clear day you can see all the way to Santa Cruz from a large terrace. Great for lunch or cocktails at night, lit by the town of Monterey. Facing South and the land and Jacks Peak Park is a 1/2 acre enclosed courtyard that terraces down to the lawn and beyond to a raised pool and the Cantina outdoor kitchen and bar.

Tres Paraguas are 3 giant rectangular roofs of corrugated Corten Steel mounted on 30x 30 inch square columns of Douglas fir 26 feet high, stilted-standing free- of the 5 buildings below -quite a sight! The buildings are modern Pueblas, self-roofed, heavily stuccoed in three earth tones, with 18 foot walls and giant 12 foot sliding glass walls that pocket into the end walls, allowing the buildings to all open into courtyards and terraces as pavilions.

Conceived and designed by Ron Mann- a man with a passion for living environments.

The entire layout is designed for relaxed time-off living, for total seclusion and restoration and at the same time, for every kind of world-class entertaining. A private luxury hotel!